• **Inquiring About My Services**

    If you haven't already, send me an email to ed@edwardpollick.com introducing yourself and ask about my services! In order for me to give you an accurate quote, please copy and paste following information into the email you send to me:

    1. Description of your project:
    2. How many drawings you'll need:
    3. Size/ Ratio/Resolution:
    4. Color or Black & White:
    5. Medium preference: (ex; digital media, pencil, charcoal, ink, watercolor, marker)
    6. Style preference: (ex; cartoon, realistic, fantasy)
    -You may select any examples from my gallery:
    7. Amount of detail: (ex; minimal, some, very)
    8. Start date and completion date:
    9. Budget Range:
    10. Supply any sample images: (optional)


    STORYBOARDS ($15 per B&W Drawing / $20 per Color Drawing) Storyboards are essential for any Production or Pitch.

    BLACK & WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS/ ($50-100) Mediums to choose from are pencil, ink, charcoal, and digital media. Price varies by meduim and complexity of the illustration.

    COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS ($100-200) Mediums to choose from are color pencil, water color, marker, digital media. Price varies by medium and complexity of the illustration.

    CHARCOAL PORTRAITS ($100 base price + $25 each additional person) Great for Weddings, Anniversaries and Birthdays. Not only limited to people- I also draw your favorite pets! Base price varies by size and amount of people to be drawn.

    LOGO DESIGN ($200+) I can add a creative and illustrative flair to your Company's logo that typical graphic designers can't.

    **Please Note ** My rates include up to 5 revisions per step of illustration. (Drawing step, coloring step, etc) A negotiated fee of approximately $35 per hour will be applied thereafter. This fee will also be applied to artwork you wish to revise after you have already pre-approved them.


    Step 1- SAY HI!
    Upon receiving your inital inquiry I will ask you to email me a detailed description of what you want drawn along with any reference images you may have. Once I've received this information, I'll provide you with an accurate quote. Rough sketches can be provided upon request. Rough sketches require a deposit of $35 which will be credited to your total project cost.

    Step 2- WORK IT
    If you like the sketch and would like to move forward with the finalized illustration(s) I will email you an invoice via PayPal for half of the negotiated fee. I accept mailed Checks, Money Orders or Credit Cards via Paypal. Once I've received your payment I will proceed with the illustration(s).

    Step 3- DONE!
    Once you've approved the final draft, I'll email you the final invoice for the remaining 1/2 payment. Any rough sketch deposits will be deducted from this amount as well. Once your final payment has been received, I will send you the final illustration(s). I will email/ mail it to you in any various file format that you request (.jpg, .psd, .png, .tiff, original paper, canvas etc.)


    Below are a few pretty good reasons!

    OVER 20 YRS OF EXPERIENCE This is what I do for a living. The work I provide for my clients is a reflection of myself and I offer nothing but my best effort.

    SATISFIED CLIENTS! In my career I have completed work for over satisfied 300 clients. I welcome you to contact anyone of my references. View my Client Reference List here

    AFFORDABLE RATES I'm not the cheapest because I offer higher quality artwork than most. However, I won't over quote you. I know in this current economy, we all need to pinch in order to stay afloat. My rates are listed above.

    ABLE TO TELECOMMUTE ANY DISTANCE I currently work for numerous clients throughout the US via phone, email, and fax.

    *Artists' Note* I am confident in my work and guarantee it to be top quality. I offer quick turn around time with updates along the way. Believe me when I say, "I want your illustrations to look as good as you want them to!"

    Thanks and looking forward to working with you!


    Direct: 949-257-6392